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  • Typist - Small Swift UIKit keyboard manager for iOS apps.
  • Retry - Haven't you wished for try to sometimes try a little harder? Meet retry
  • Perfect-URL-Shortener - An Example URL Shortener System for Perfect
  • Import - Xcode extension for adding imports from anywhere in the code ☝️
  • SwiftDate - The best way to manage Dates and Timezones in Swift
  • SwiftyAttributes - Swift extensions that make it a breeze to work with attributed strings.


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Last week, I traveled to a breathtakingly beautiful island in the Mediterranean. I kept taking pictures to try to capture the unbelievable beauty, but the pictures never came out as beautiful as what I saw there. The overwhelming feelings upon being surrounded by such beauty just couldn't be captured by my lack of photography skills.

Photography is supposed to be objective - you take a photo of what is right in front of you after all. But the best photographers know that it's the opposite. They're trying to capture their opinion, the way they see the one beautiful thing. The way they feel being there. And they will take a ton of photos and adjust everything as needed until the photo comes out exactly like what they actually see and feel - it is their personal perspective of the landscape. It is very opinionated and subjective.

I think the code we write also has this power to transfer feelings - whether it's to another person on your team or to your future self. When it works, you feel the beauty and are proud of your work and you feel the ecstasy of encountering it. When it doesn't, it can cause days of negative energy and frustration. The Swift team is opinionated and detail-oriented, and it shows. When we code in Swift, it feels great! Here is a great quote from Chris Lattner on the subject. Now that's beauty!