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Last week, I had an absolute blast speaking at and attending #PragmaConf16 in fair Verona. One of my personal favorite talks was by @gridNAka about implementing the App Search API, mostly because this is definitely on my to do list and there are a bunch of little gotchas (including the fact that there is no good way to debug it) that only someone who's felt the pain can teach. You can see the golden sample code here while waiting for the video to be released (I'll make sure to put it on here when it is!).

Have a great week πŸš€


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  • ForceBlur - ForceBlur Animation for iOS Messaging Apps
  • ConfettiView - Confetti View lets you create a magnificent confetti view in your app
  • Reactions - Fully customizable Facebook reactions control
  • Probably - A Swift probability and statistics library
  • RevealingSplashView - A Splash view that animates and reveals its content, inspired by Twitter splash
  • SJFluidSegmentedControl - A segmented control with custom appearance and interactive animations. Written in Swift 3.0.



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