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  • IoniconsKit - Use ionicons as UIImage / UIFont in your projects with Swifty manners.
  • BentoMap - Map Clustering for Swift. Blog post here.
  • tmdiff - Performs a command-line text diff on a file and its time machine ancestor
  • SwiftInitializerGenerator - Xcode 8 Source Code Extension to Generate Swift Initializers
  • PlaygroundBookGenerator - Ruby scripts that can generate a whole Swift Playgrounds for iPad book from a Markdown file
  • Expression - A Mac and iOS library for evaluating numeric expressions at runtime

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Swift ThoughtsSwift Thoughts

Last week, I've been looking into restructuring Notifications for iOS 10 optimization. One thing I forgot about from WWDC was Notification Extensions - when you 3D Touch a notification, it expands to show much richer content potentially. I've tried it with the notifications I receive, and none of them have this implemented. Definitely something to play with!

In other news, Swift is on πŸ”₯!!