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I could not be more thankful for everyone who attended the first try! Swift India last week - the speakers, the volunteers, the emcees, and of course the most amazing audience. Organizing a conference in a foreign country without a home base advantage is a massive challenge, and it is hard to know what to expect. What happened was beyond my wildest expectations of success. Thank you everyone for bringing your incredible energy to the event, making it unbelievably special and unforgettable πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ

The next try! Swift will be in Tokyo in March. Hope to see you there!

As this year is coming to an end, I've decided to take the month of December off to clear my mind, meditate, and reflect on my goals and priorities for 2018. This means that this could be the last issue of This Week in Swift - it is definitely the last one of 2017. I could not be more grateful to all of you for reading and contributing to our collective Swift knowledge and strengthening our community along the way.

Thank you everyone for participating!

P.S. This week's issue is sent to you a bit earlier than usual from the Himalayas, where the WiFi could go out at any time. I'll be completely off-the-grid for most of December contemplating the true meaning of life, so apologies in advance for not answering on email or social media.


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  • Chronology - Building a better date/time library for Swift
  • CircularCrownSelector - watchOS UI for a circular selection menu
  • ARVideoKit - Capture & record ARKit videos πŸ“Ή, photos πŸŒ„, Live Photos πŸŽ‡, and GIFs πŸŽ†.
  • EllipticCurveKeyPair - Sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt using the Secure Enclave
  • Lona - A tool for defining design systems and using them to generate cross-platform UI code, Sketch files, images, and other artifacts.
  • stylesync - A command line tool to extract shared styles from a Sketch document, and generate native code for any platform.


The rest of try! Swift NYC videos are out in case you missed them!


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