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This week, I'm inspired by New York and the power of blending differences. So many different people from so many different cultures with so many different experiences all in one place! Yesterday, I went to a musical that combined typical Broadway with Cirque du Soleil and the combination was stunning! Everywhere I turn in this city, I see more beautiful byproducts of these differences blended together.

Since I learned to code as an adult, there is always a bit of imposter syndrome there for me. I know others have been coding since they were toddlers and they have fancy Computer Science degrees and they know a lot more than me, and I will never truly catch up! But it is cities like New York that remind me that I have cultivated other talents besides just coding, and these talents in combination with coding is what make me a strong contributor to the Swift community.

Happy 4th of July from New York City and the melting pot that is America πŸŽ†


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  • Formatting - Type-safe, functional string formatting in Swift.
  • LayoutKit - LayoutKit is a fast view layout library for iOS.
  • ISTimeline - Simple timeline view written in Swift 2.2
  • Redbird - Pure-Swift Redis client implemented from the original protocol spec. OS X + Linux compatible.
  • JLStickerTextView - add text(multiple line support) to imageView, edit, rotate or resize them as you want, then render the text on image
  • Sage - A cross-platform chess library for Swift



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