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iOS 8 is officially out for consumers!! Yes, we all had to delete our selfies to make room for it, but iOS 8!!

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Swift 1.1 is out!!! Of course, it is part of Xcode 6.1 beta 2, so it cannot be used in production just yet, but hopefully very soon. As I use enums relatively often in my Swift code, I'm excited that fromRaw(RawValue) static method has been replaced with an initializer init?(rawValue: RawValue), and the toRaw() method has been replaced with a rawValue property. Here is an example of how you would use enums going forward:

enum Foo: Int { case A = 0, B = 1, C = 2 }

let foo = Foo(rawValue: 2)! // formerly 'Foo.fromRaw(2)!’

println(foo.rawValue) // formerly 'foo.toRaw()'

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And back to blogging on NatashaTheRobot this week! Enjoy in case you missed these :)



As I keep thinking about the WATCH, I find the tactile interaction aspect of the watch to be the most exciting... and creepy.


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Yesterday, I went to get a complimentary fitness assessment at the new gym I joined, which ended up being either the trainer or I entering my health data into a very old legacy software system that looks like something from 10+ years ago on a windows desktop computer. The whole time, I couldn't help but think how important HealthKit + WATCH is. When I didn't know information such as what my blood pressure normally is or how much I actually walk per day, this is something that would be pretty simple to access from a HealthKit + WATCH fitness product.

Furthermore, my health data would be shared between my doctor and my fitness trainer (with my permission of course). After going through a pretty painful pinch test to measure my body fat, it would have been nice to forward that information to my doctor. Unfortunately, just like with any new technology, I clearly saw that it will take a while for gyms and doctors to embrace the power of HealthKit. When I asked my trainer if they'd like an iPad app instead of the horrible fitness tracking software they were using, she said "but this system does so much!".