Swift Around the Web

I love reading Swift articles from people who have deep experience with other programming languages and share great use-cases for how advanced concepts from those other languages can be applied to write more powerful Swift and iOS code. Happy Swifting!

Apple News

In case your live-streaming of the Apple Live event cut out (or was incomprehensible due to your inability to understand Chinese), you can re-watch it here. Here are the incredible  goodies for you this week:

Oh, and in case you didn't think Apple is changing, they live-blogged the event! I really enjoyed the photos from Apple's Hands–on Pavilion. Wish I was there...

Random Cool Stuff

Wondering how the  icon is made? Just click "option + shift + k" on a Mac! Thanks Mikhail Sinanan for the tip :)

In Case You Missed It

This week, I've been creating content in different formats and on different platforms. Here it is in case you missed it!



From all the articles and speculation about the Watch, these are the two I actually read :) But seriously, I cannot recommend these enough:

Swift Code

Now that Swift is out of Beta, I expect to see a lot more libraries every week. Here are some good ones from this week!

  • Stripe: Apple Pay - Easy Apple Pay integration for businesses built on Stripe
  • EmitterKit - An alternative to NSNotificationCenter for Swift
  • VFLToolbox - Fancy Swift implementation of the Visual Format Language
  • Shutup Button - Sound on / off button with a cool animation
  • FrostedSidebar - Hamburger Menu using Swift and iOS 8 API's
  • OAuth2 - OAuth2 framework for OS X and iOS, written in Swift.

Swift ThoughtsSwift Thoughts

Watch Watch Watch!!!!!!!! That's all folks! As in, that's all we know as developers about WatchKit. Way too many questions left to the imagination. My biggest question is: Can we delay the holidays until the Watch ships? Looks like it'll be a while until we get our hands on one of these, so my plan is to continue enjoying Swift and all the cool iOS 8 APIs (HealthKit!) for the rest of the year. BTW, Swift 1.0 is OUT!!!!!!!