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When Swift first came out, it was super risky to adopt it - remember when it was in beta 1?!!! In fact, even now, companies don't really have an incentive to adopt Swift. Objective-C is still around, it works, and everyone on the team already knows it (for now). Until Apple tells us we can't use Objective-C anymore, only certain types of companies will transition to Swift.

Personally, the kinds of companies that use Swift are the ones I'd want to work with. They're forward-thinking, fast-moving, are willing to take risks, and most-importantly, are open to their developers learning and exploring - and they have developers who are excited to learn! For me, working with people who love to learn, are excited to learn, and are given the space to learn is the most important trait in a company.

However, when it comes down to it, it is currently hard to identify the companies that actually do use Swift in their codebase. I hear of companies here and there from friends in the community and in press releases, but I haven't even heard of half the companies from all around the world mentioned yesterday in response to a tweet I posted asking which companies do use Swift in production (check them out here).

So we're putting together a Swift Job Board that will be officially launched next Monday for companies that already use Swift in production or are transitioning to using Swift in production. Those who'd like to be first on the job board get a special discount. Details here.

Also, make sure to check out this fun poll!

Happy Swift Year!


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  • Then - ✨ Super sweet syntactic sugar for Swift initializers.
  • EventBlankApp - A free open source iOS app for events or conferences.
  • Filterpedia - Core Image Filter explorer
  • Chirp - The easiest way to prepare, play, and remove sounds in your Swift app!
  • clrex - Simple script to generate UIColor factory methods from clr files
  • Kvitto - App Store Receipt Validation




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One of my big goals before the end of the year was to actually write all the blog posts I haven't had time to write! It was challenging (these are the blog posts I've been procrastinating on for months!), but I accomplished that goal and already started off the New Year with a new blog post! The feeling of a clean blogging slate is amazing. Enjoy!

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