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I personally LOVE New Years. It's a great time to reflect and start out with a blank slate. Of course, the slate is not completely blank. You build up on all the previous things you've done and things that have happened through serendipity that you never would have guessed. Yet, it always seems like a fresh start is possible. There is so much unknown for the coming year! So much to be discovered!

That is how it feels with Swift. This year brought us a great community, lots of game-changing new Swift features (yay protocol extensions!!!!), and of course the open sourcing of Swift. Next year, we get to start fresh from this amazing place. So much is possible!

So I wanted to focus this issue on how far we've come in 2015. Instead of my usual latest stuff, I've put together a list of the Best of Swift in 2015. If you haven't checked out these resources already, I highly recommend you spend the next few days looking through them so you too can start the New Year with that feeling of Swift possibilities :)

Happy Swift Year! 🐥


Apple Love

Swift Source

Swift Around the Web

Functional Voodoo



Swift Code

There have been a lot of really great Swift libraries released this year. It's truly been incredible to follow all of them! But for this list, I want to focus on the ones that keep coming up again and again for me:

  • Kingfisher - A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.
  • DVR - Network testing for Swift. Video here
  • SwiftLint - A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions.
  • Koloda - KolodaView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of Tinder like cards on iOS.
  • TurtlePlayground - Swift playground using Logo-like commands



Random Cool Stuff