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One of the things I've been thinking a lot about ever since I attended Camp Grounded this summer is the importance of play in our everyday lives as adults. Unfortunately, play takes a back seat once we "grow up". And no, drinking at a bar during happy hour does not count.

The kind of play I'm talking about is the kind we had as kids and the kind I enjoyed at Camp Grounded - walking through a river in summertime, hula hooping in a field, playing bubble soccer, running around in a cape, drawing before someone told us what we're drawing isn't right, etc.

As app developers and designers, we have the power to inspire that sense of play and wonder in our users. One way many apps get this wrong is through too much gratuitous UI animation (also looking at all of you heavy JavaScript sites!).

However, there is one app that did it for me this week - Level Money. On the sign-in screen, there is a really cute snail that unassumingly crawls from one side of the screen to the other. Unlike many animations, it's unintrusive, yet so playful and wonderful. Thanks @allonsykraken for pointing this out to me!

As you're considering designing for the Apple Watch, think of how you can add that element of playfulness to your app. The Designing for Apple Watch WWDC 2015 Session has some delightful examples to get inspired by - I recommend watching the whole thing, but skip to 47:15 if you only have 5 minutes today. Toby 😍!


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