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As I was catching up on WWDC15 session videos this weekend during meal-times (I really need to have more meals!), I especially enjoyed the Designing for Apple Watch Session. I really loved all the subtle details discussed to make the experience on the Apple Watch so seamless, especially between the hardware and software. Apple has created a platform for us to create absolutely beautiful experiences yet again!


Apple Love

Swift Around the Web

Functional Voodoo



Swift Code

  • DVR - Network testing for Swift. Read the blog post here.

  • UIStackView-Playground - A playground demonstrating some of the key features of UIStackView

  • ZLSwipeableViewSwift - A simple view for building card like interface like Tinder and Potluck.

  • DynamicColor - Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily in Swift

  • BubbleTransition - A custom modal transition that presents and dismiss a controller with an expanding bubble effect.



This week, @realm released more videos from Swift Summit, with two of them focused on Education + Swift:



In Case You Missed It

While looking through slides for What’s New in Swift yet again, I’ve decided to instead play around with and write down the new Swift 2 idioms for easy reference for myself (and hopefully others). Enjoy!