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Hope you all enjoyed the most exciting week of the year - WWDC15!!! I know I did. My favorite part was randomly bumping into iOS developers in our community ALL THE TIME. Wish we all lived closer together :) It was great meeting everyone!

One thing I realized at this WWDC is how limited my view of Swift was. I was just happily learning and using it for iOS development. The Swift team has a much BIGGER vision, however. They see it as taking over the world and especially education. And they're bringing this vision to life by taking the first HUGE step - SWIFT WILL BE OPEN SOURCE!!!!!!!

Imagine writing server-side and Android code in Swift. Since the open-sourced Swift will be able to run on Linux, that reality is only a few months away! And of course there is much more to come that we haven't even imagined yet. Happy year two of Swift!!!!!


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Swift 2 Libraries:

  • Playdown - Convert Swift Playgrounds to Markdown

  • JSONCodable - Hassle-free JSON encoding and decoding in Swift

  • CommandLine - A pure Swift library for creating command-line interfaces

  • XcodeServerSDK - Access Xcode Server API with native Swift objects.

  • watchOS-2-Sampler - Code examples for new features of watchOS 2.

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