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Swift inspiration of the week: "Most perplexing feedback on Swift: folks who see it (and judge it) as the end of a trek - but don't realize it is the start of a new world." - Chris Lattner.

And now onto a PSA: I'll be out on an off-the-grid vacation for the next few weeks - the robot needs to recharge. Don't worry though, the Swift newsletter will return bigger and better than ever on April 13th. Until then, get mesmerized by this beautiful gold video!


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  • AAFaceDetection - Approachable implementation of iOS FaceDetection with CIDetector for prototyping based on NSNotification.

  • JSQDataSourcesKit - Type-safe, value-oriented data source objects that keep your view controllers light

  • Versions - Helping you find inner peace when comparing version numbers in Swift.

  • WatchKit-Apps - Tutorials app for WatchKit

  • KFWatchKitAnimations - KFWatchKitAnimations creates beautiful 60 FPS animations on  Watch by recording animations from the iOS Simulator.



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