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I recently deleted the Twitter app, but I still wanted the posting and messaging functionality. So I downloaded other apps for just those purposes. The big app I now use for posting is Buffer - and I'm really impressed by their use of Haptic Feedback when I send a tweet. I haven't used haptic feedback much or felt many apps use it - but it clearly stands out and reassures me that my tweet has in fact been sent even if it doesn't go off the screen right away. I encourage you to play with it in your own app!


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  • Cocoa AI - The Cocoa Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • arkit-tictactoe - I have taken the simple scenekit tic-tac-toe (another of my repositories), and tried to put it in ARKit:)
  • ARTetris - Augmented Reality Tetris made with ARKit and SceneKit
  • ZIPFoundation - Effortless ZIP Handling in Swift
  • bluejay - A simple Swift framework for building reliable Bluetooth LE apps. Blog post here.
  • AGCircularPicker - AGCircularPicker is helpful component for creating a controller aimed to manage any calculated parameter


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