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I'll admit it - when I heard developers wish for Xcode on their iPad or iPhone, I honestly didn't get it. I like to code on my computer and doing it on an iPad just doesn't sound that appealing. But last week, I saw this and immediately wanted it! I guess it's something about the reframing of a playground on the iPad vs all of Xcode that made it click.

I like the idea of using my iPad as a second screen for experimenting with Swift in a playground while coding, especially since I'm now always traveling and don't have an external monitor. Of course, IBM already has a Swift Sandbox on the web, so maybe I'll give that a try while waiting for the native app version :)


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  • RxBluetoothKit - iOS & OSX Bluetooth library for RxSwift (Blog post here)
  • DefaultStringConvertible - A default CustomStringConvertible implementation for Swift types
  • OnOffButton - On & Off by Creativedash
  • TabDrawer - TabDrawer is a customizable TabBar UI element that allows you to run a block of code upon TabBarItem selection, or display a customizable drawer.
  • Cuckoo - First boilerplate-free mocking framework for Swift!
  • Jukebox - Player for streaming local and remote audio files. Written in Swift.



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