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πŸ‘Š We did it! As of the newest Xcode 7.3 beta, Swift contributions made by the community are officially IN!!!



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  • Gameboard - Play Checkers, Chess, TicTacToe & soon more in a Swift Playground!
  • Freddy - Parsing JSON in Swift optimized to maximize safety, use idiomatic style, and provide speedy parsing. Blog post here
  • swift-algorithm-club - Algorithms and data structures in Swift, with explanations!
  • ParseAlternatives - A collaborative list of Parse alternative backend service providers. In case you haven't heard: Moving On 😭
  • SWIFT SYNTH music app - Swift Synth is a full-featured, open-source synthesizer app completely written in Swift.
  • Graph - An elegant data-driven framework for CoreData in Swift.





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