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So in a very bold move, Dropbox released their v2 iOS SDK fully in Swift, without even considering Objective-C compatibility!

Look for more big SDKs being Swift only! If your friends haven't started learning Swift yet, tell them to start ASAP! The Swifty future is here.

In other news, make sure EVERYONE on your team installs this.


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  • Localize-Swift - Swift 2.0 friendly localization and i18n with in-app language switching
  • AccessibilityAnnouncer - An accessibility announcement queue for iOS with timeout and retry behavior. Built using RAC.
  • Unbox - The easy to use Swift JSON decoder
  • Zephyr - Effortlessly synchronize NSUserDefaults over iCloud
  • Carlos - A simple but flexible cache
  • TVSafeArea - Using AutoLayout to Constrain AppleTV Layouts within the TV Safe Area



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