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"New-number iPhones (4, 5, 6) are about showing off Apple’s design prowess. The S models are about showing off Apple’s engineering prowess." – The iPhones 6S by Daring Fireball

Still waiting on my Rose Gold iPhone 6S, but I did participate in a communal unboxing of my friend's Rose Gold iPhone (it does look Rose Gold and gorgeous!).

The first thing we all did was try out 3D Touch, and I was really impressed, especially with the taptic feedback part! I cannot be more excited to see what we all build with it now that we have a device to test on :)

P.S. Yes, I did see the #SuperBloodMoon last night! Although I was in San Francisco, this DC moon picture is my favorite. Wow! Siri has already put #SuperBloodMoon on my calendar for 2033!


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  • SigmaSwiftStatistics - A collection of functions for statistical calculation in iOS and OS X written in Swift.
  • MOJailBrokenDector - Detect if your iOS device is jailbroken.
  • ViewMonitor - ViewMonitor can measure View positions with accuracy. This library is to check design sheet from native app.
  • SnappingSlider - A beautiful slider control for iOS built purely upon Swift
  • Blurable - Apply a Gaussian Blur to any UIView with Swift Protocol Extensions



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