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The above picture is from this weekend's sold-out Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour concert at Levi's Stadium (read 50,000 fans) . Can you spot the magic?

When I sat down in my seat, something hit my back. I got annoyed and got it off my seat. As the concert started, however, I realized that the thing taped to my seat was a wearable that everyone else around me was wearing. It was a bracelet that lit up in coordination with the music.

It was seriously one of the coolest use-cases for wearables I've seen outside of fitness. The result was a magical atmosphere, where the audience was used as one giant light show. You can feel some of the magic in the video here. Welcome to the 2015 version of the glow stick! It's so simple, yet so powerful and beautiful.

What other simple use-cases for wearables are there like this? I guess we'll have to wait to find out, or make them ourselves!