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"A WatchKit app complements its containing iOS app; it does not replace it. If you measure interactions with your iOS app in minutes, you can expect interactions with your WatchKit app to be measured in seconds. So keep interactions brief and interfaces simple." - Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines.

We finally get to use the Apple Watch! One of the things I've noticed, however, is that too many apps try to be the iPhone app on the Watch. However, others provide the wrong or not enough information. That's fine, since we're all just starting out with this new platform, but hopefully we'll find the right balance sooner rather than later as we keep using the beautiful hardware.

It's going to be a long but very fun journey as our understanding of the platform and the platform itself keeps developing. Bon Voyage!


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Swift Code

  • Project-RainMan - Open Source Weather App created with Swift

  • WatchScreenshotMagic - Quickly generates perfect Apple Watch screenshots.

  • swift-ascii-art - Swift program that creates ASCII art from an image

  • WWDC - WWDC app for OS X

  • QZCircleSegue - QZCircleSegue is written in Swift and it is a beatiful transition between circular-shapped buttons and your View Controller.




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