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  • Flipbook - A Swift tool to render UIViews to image sequences for use with WatchKit, and accompanying sample WatchKit project.

  • CVCalendar - A custom visual calendar for iOS 8 written in Swift.

  • BreakOutToRefresh - Play BreakOut while loading

  • Side-Menu.iOS - Animated side menu with customizable UI

  • JSONHelper - Lightning fast JSON deserialization and value conversion library for iOS & OS X written in Swift.

Swift ThoughtsSwift Thoughts

Yesterday I went on a really massive hike at Big Basin State Park that involved 31,518 steps according to my iPhone.

One of the women in my group had not only one but two Pebble+ Activity Trackers on her shoes as well as a fitbit wristband. Turns out, her job has a pretty great wellness rewards system based on using the Pebble+, so her co-worker asked her to wear the second Pebble+ on the hike as a way to game the system and get more rewards. In contrast, the fitbit wristband was used as her preferred fitness tracking device (outside of work).

If the Apple Watch is indeed "Apple’s Most Personal Device Ever", something a co-worker can't give away for the weekend without a second thought, maybe it'll be harder to game the incentive systems that are cropping up out there, making the fitness data actually useful.