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I attended the first Swift Meetup of the year in San Francisco last week, and the turnout was incredible - several people had to stand! I'm excited to see so much enthusiasm and excitement around Swift in 2015!!

The Meetup featured and incredible speaker - Andy Matuschak of Khan Academy (formerly on UIKit team) who expanded on his talk at the Functional Swift Conference. The key is to put action-based code in the Object Layer and actual logic in the Value Layer.

Andy uses the zoetrope as a powerful analogy - each picture on it's own (the value) is dead, but when you stare at one point and rotate the zoetrope, you get motion. In other words, an object is the representation of certain values at a specific points in time. Of course Andy put it all a lot more elegantly than I can write here! Luckily, the talk was recorded, so I will definitely post it on here once it's out.


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