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WATCHKIT!!!!!!!!!!! It's officially out, and I honestly couldn't help but start testing it out right away. This weekend, I attended the world's first WatchKit Hackathon, and it was incredible to see what everyone built in such a short time.

The app that impressed me most was the Design winner - AudioKit, an app that encourages you to keep your heart rate in your target zone by slowing down and speeding up music when you're no longer in your target BPM zone. And of course, who can resist the audience favorite - Fart Watch !

I can't wait to see what we all build with a little more time and resources :)


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WatchKit, WatchKit, WatchKit!

So I might have gone a little overboard in covering WatchKit. It's just sooooo exciting, I couldn't stop myself. A lot more to come, but hope you enjoy my discoveries so far as I've been learning WatchKit:


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