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  • SwiftKotlin - A tool to convert Swift code to Kotlin. (Note: this is just for fun, do not use in production)
  • AR-Pizza-Slicer - Let Augmented Reality help you to create a perfect sliced pizza in 5 different shapes!
  • photo-editor - Photo editor with a lot of cool features
  • MacAssistant - Google Assistant for macOS!
  • DeckTransition - A library to recreate the iOS 10 Apple Music now playing transition


Swift ThoughtsSwift Thoughts

Whoa! Kotlin is now the first-class language for Android! While it would be better if Swift was officially supported, Kotlin is similar to Swift. In fact, make sure to check out this talk from Kickstarter's @mbrandonw and @luoser on how they use similar ideas across Swift & Kotlin to work together across iOS & Android!

This is good news for Swift devs who are interested in Android but are put off by Java 🙋🏻 and for those who want to work closer with the Android team 🙋🏻