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  • TextFieldCounter - UITextField character counter with lovable UX πŸ’–. No math skills required πŸ™ƒ.
  • FlexibleImage - A simple way to play with image!
  • XcodeColorSense2 - πŸ‰ An Xcode source editor extension that makes working with color easier
  • LicensePlist - iOS license plists generator. Carthage, CocoaPods and the libraries specified by yaml file are supported.
  • logo - A Logo interpreter written in Swift
  • LazyTransitions - Lazy pop and dismiss like in the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter apps.



Swift ThoughtsSwift Thoughts

I've never paid attention to the HoloLens stuff because it's always presented in the context of gaming (same as Oculus Rift). But this week at the Milan airport, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw holograms giving a beautiful musical performance - they were doing stuff I was interested in and it suddenly opened up my mind to the possibilities!

This is a good reminder that changing the context can make a HUGE difference to a product, reaching audiences you've never even considered would be interested.