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  • SquishButton - A button that squishes when pressed. As seen in the Clips app.
  • EmojiIntelligence - Neural Network built in Apple Playground using Swift
  • Placeholders - 🅿️ Define multiple placeholders for UITextField and animate their change. Blog post here
  • Cluster - Easy Map Annotation Clustering 📍
  • PassKit-Business-Card - A template for iOS Wallet passes that can be used like business cards.
  • YNSearch - 🔍 Awesome fully customizable search view like Pinterest written in Swift 3


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I'll open up by encouraging everyone to take some time off and refresh if you're getting toward that burn out point! Last week, I had no sponsors (side note: you can sponsor an issue here), so I took a break from writing this newsletter after some intense travel and work, and now I'm feeling way more refreshed and energized to bring you the best newsletter out there!

Way too much fascinating stuff this week. Enjoy Swifting!