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  • IBAnalyzer - Find common xib and storyboard-related problems without running your app or writing unit tests.
  • Twitter_Post - Custom Twitter Post View Controller
  • equatable-code-generator - A Swift utility function that generates Equatable protocol code for any object.
  • Guaka - The smartest and most beautiful (POSIX compliant) Command line framework for Swift πŸ€–
  • Xniffer - A swift network profiler built on top URLSession.
  • Superb - Pluggable HTTP authentication for Swift.

Swift ThoughtsSwift Thoughts

This week, I need your help! The amazingly talented @yucovin designed a super cute new logo for try! Swift, but we're not sure what to name the new flying try! Swift bird. Help us out by submitting your name suggestion here! The name should be country-agnostic - the try! Swift bird will fly to India and NYC later this year! The winner gets a $50 Amazon Gift Card 🎁