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  • Snowflake - ❄️ SVG in Swift
  • UnsplashKit - UnsplashKit is a Swift Client to download photos from the Unsplash Source API. This API is free of limits so you can download as many photos as you want πŸŽ‰ Blog post here
  • Jolly - Jolly Chimp monkey that allows you to monitor Github repos straight from HipChat.
  • RefactoratorApp - App version of Refactorator plugin
  • AREK - AREK is a clean and easy to use wrapper over any kind of iOS permission.
  • pxctest - Execute tests in parallel on multiple iOS Simulators

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Swift ThoughtsSwift Thoughts

Last week, I really enjoyed attending the Swift Buenos Aires Meetup and learning about Swift en Español 😎. My favorite tip was from @alemohamad - apparently you can localize images so a different image shows up based on what language the app is in. Of course the image trick only works for images outside the assets catalog. But still - super cool! Apparently this can also be done for audio, video, plist files, and more!