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Yesterday, I spoke about Swift at the New York iOS Developer Meetup, and my favorite question afterwards was when somebody asked what it is about Swift that makes us feel so warm and fuzzy :)

I definitely feel warm and fuzzy when using Swift. I just love programming in it! I think the key is really the same magic ingredient that makes us feel warm and fuzzy about any other product we feel warm and fuzzy about - LOVE!

By love, I mean that somebody cared a lot and took the time to think about and obsess over all the details. As the consumers, we don't notice every single detail - only the Swift team knows how many days they spend discussing using the func keyword for functions, for example, but the overall product just feels right.

Obviously, Swift is still a young language and it's not perfect, and there will be a lot of changes to it, but it's a really big deal that when it was first released, it made us feel warm and fuzzy instead of scared that we had to throw away potentially years of Objective-C experience and move to something new and unknown.


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