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Hello there and welcome to the 💯th issue of This Week in Swift!! What started off as a project for myself to keep track of all the cool Swift stuff from the community has itself turned into a community of 15,000+ readers ❤️

I really appreciate everyone's support, all the sponsors who made this newsletter sustainable, and all the kind words I've received from many of you. If I'm ever in the same city as you, don't hesitate to reach out and say hi!

I'll be taking the next two weeks off from the newsletter to focus on finalizing planning for try! Swift NYC 🗽🐥🎉 and then to take some vacation as the beautiful days of summer come to an end. Then onto the next 100 🚀


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Swift Code

  • NMessenger - A fast, lightweight messenger component built on AsyncDisplaykit and written in Swift
  • HeartControl - ❤️ Continuous heart rate measurement during workouts with watchOS 3.
  • Buffer - Swift μ-framework for efficient array diffs, collection observation and cell configuration.
  • RxAutomaton - RxSwift + State Machine, inspired by Redux and Elm.
  • depcheck - Depcheck reports dependencies per class, allowing you to easily detect classes that have too many dependencies. It can also report how many dependents a class have. Therefore you can spot the most used and unused classes.
  • Skopelos - A minimalistic, thread safe, non-boilerplate and super easy to use version of Active Record on Core Data. Simply all you need for doing Core Data. Swift flavour. Blog post here.



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